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Asia Gaming Casino

Asia Gaming Online Casino Malaysia

AG Gaming Casino  ready for you when you enjoy a variety of live casino games on casino sites, that’s made possible because there are game providers like AG gaming. This game provider makes games such as Live Baccarat, Blackjacks, Roulette, Sic Bo, and more. These games as well as others not mentioned have several themes incorporated based on the game maker’s discretion.

Slots would have had the potential to be boring, but with the advent of many game providers to spice up your gaming experience that’s not going to be happening anytime soon. New game providers are always looking to enter the slot game industry with a bang.

See, when AG came through 8 years ago, they were innovative. The innovations at that time were a Pre-dealing Six Cards and bid baccarat with intelligence. All of these innovative ideas were made possible because of Asia gaming’s supreme technological insights.

But AG gaming isn’t a mere technology crackhead game provider, their games are highly usable. There are over 100 sites that have these games provided by the AG platform. These games are up to over 40 in total including hits such as Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, and Live Roulette.

Now, the baccarat and roulette games are sort of generic, but AG also includes scintillating themes like Spooky house slots, Happy Hour slot, Happy Farm slot, and more. Some of the notable gaming sites that use the AG platform are 918kiss login and BBD online casino malaysia for android">online casino malaysia for android.

Asia Gaming products are available on mobile devices, you can chat with the dealers, and with the high quality of the display, it is no wonder that the game provider’s entry was quite groundbreaking. The slot game industry is swarming with lots of competitors and Asia gaming is keeping up.

Some of the solid competitors that AG gaming is facing include the likes of SA Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Ezugi, and NetEnt among the many. Meanwhile, Let’s take a look at how it all began.

History of Asia Gaming (AG) Online Casino

AG gaming casino stormed the game industry in 2012. In this same year, Game sites started introducing AG platforms on their online casinos. While producing exciting games the provider has its headquarters in the Philippines. They have another studio in Malta. The Malta studio makes AG’s games available to a European audience.

Talking about the audience, the slot game provider has varying platforms for its games. If you’re familiar with things AG Gaming, you might have come across VJ Hall lobbies, AGQ, AGIN, and AG Euro. As the name implies AG Euro has an affiliation with Europe, and the company indeed attempts to snake its roots throughout that region.

To make the gaming experience realistic for gamers in Europe the platform streams live games from the studio in Malta. Hence, players can enjoy service from European dealers.

You might want to understand what a hands-on experience with AG gaming feels like when register online casino malaysia. But there’s no one way to play the several options on the AG platform. Hence, we will pick Live Baccarat which is many people’s favorite as well as a common live casino game. This walkthrough would also be based on Asia Gaming’s AGQ.

Games on AGQ are chilled and free of pressure. This would suit players who play live casinos purely for leisure. On the other hand, the AGIN means fast-paced gameplay. Perhaps players who prefer AGIN just want to breeze in and out of the game — win or lose fast and get it over with. There are no rules for how you should enjoy your casino game. Overall, you should treat your games as fun always.

Tips about Playing on Asia Gaming: Live Baccarat on AGQ

Sincerely, the live Baccarat on AGQ won’t greet you with the grandest graphics ever. But be rest assured that it’s going to be a good one. The game uses 8 decks and side bets are available. Across different games, there are various shuffle types and this live baccarat doesn’t do random shuffles. Besides graphics, the display is a single type. And for the sake of versatility, this game is also available on mobile devices.

When you enter the game, you can see an attractive dealer and other surrounding casino tables that give the game its realistic feel. The dealing area is just in front of the dealer. Some parts of the dealing area are mere graphic renderings. The AGQ Live Baccarat by Asian Gaming follows the traditional rules of the games.

Therefore you do not need any more knowledge of Baccarat than the basic one. There are three basic betting options on the live baccarat. They are Tie, Player, and Banker. The different betting options also mean different payouts. If you bet on the player, the payout is 1:1. With Banker, you get a 1:0.95 payout, and 1:8 with a tie.

There are other interesting bets in No commission mode that make the game fun to play; some examples are Player pair, Banker pair, and Super 6.

Many upcoming game providers offer prospective players to try their hands on games for free. It has been 8 years since Asia gaming debuted and they are not new to the industry, more so, considering the advanced technological contribution to online casino games. So, it’s no surprise that they do not have free play available.

Now guess what their motto is; well it’s “Impressive Experience only”. AG must feel that their games are too good to be available for free. Yet you might be able to play demos on websites that offer AG games on their website. The way AG started in the industry was as a baby, making giant steps. And if they keep up with the same standards they’ve started with, they’ll become giants in no time.

Besides innovative game ideas, one of the areas that AG gaming is doing great in is the dealer service. AG employs experienced dealers. Some dealers are of Asian descent and Chinese speaking, while others are English speaking.

AG must have started with providing games for Asia before branching out. And to serve the Asian audience, fluent speakers are necessary, while the English speaking dealers would do well to serve the European gamers. Clarity is vital in communication. Hence, it is important when dealing with live gamers that dealers can speak effectively.

However, it is the manner of service of the AG platform dealers that is most impressive. They are always cheerful. This aspect of the platform is the key to staying on top of the online slot gaming competition.

Top Games to Play on Asia Gaming

Here are some of the top games on the AG platform.

Bull Bull

This is also known as Niu Niu. Niu means bull or cow hence the funny name when translated to English. Bull Bull is a popular gambling game in Asia, especially eastern China and Cambodia. The style of play in real-life in Cambodia is different from what you get online. Compared to the Cambodian single deck, the online style of play uses just one.

The online style adds one hand to the game. This is called the Ultimate Niu Niu. This hand has a payout of 4.75:1 for a double bet. If you lose the bet, you’ll have to pay about five times what you bet.

Another thing that differentiates the two is that there are no equal bets online. While you play online, the dealer determines both its hand and the player’s hand. The dealer can also deal with multiple sets of hands, and the most common number of sets is three.


This is a dice game. Players bet on a specific area of the table. To play, the game requires three dice. The dealer will throw the dice to conclude a round and the results determine the game decisions for that round.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is like playing baccarat, but with two cards. One card represents a Dragon, while the other is for the Tiger. The players in the game have to place bets. The best is about which one of the Dragon or Tiger would have a higher value. A win pays an equal amount of the players to bet, if you get a tie you lose half and you’ll lose everything if you play a loss. There are other bets that you’ll get to know when you proceed to play the game.

For the number of decks in the game, any standard number of decks is valid. The ranking takes the same structure as that of a poker game except for the Aces. They are low.


AG gaming is an embodiment of excellent customer service in-game and intelligent gaming ideas and concepts. Although games like Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette don’t have many innovations to them, AG still finds a way to make their versions unique. The non-cliche games enjoy better customizations and more interesting gameplays. 

Based on AG’s motto the game provider is not likely to rest its oars ever. They will continue to churn out games worth your time and energy. Games are for fun and Asia Gaming treat their products to be highly entertaining with amazing dealers who apply premium professionalism in their jobs.

You should look out for AG’s games when you log on to any online casino site — They try not to disappoint.