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Spadegaming | Asia Top Online Slot Games Malaysia

Spadegaming has quite a long history since they started making games in 2007. Having a website where they showcase their games and players can test the game for free is also an amazing strategy to get people to know what they are capable of. And indeed they do not disappoint ever. In this review among many things, we will discuss some interesting games on the platform with unique themes that you can look out for. Meanwhile, let’s check out how it all started.

Now that physical free slot games machine are fading out. The online casinos are fast-rising, and spade gaming slots have contributed immensely with over 100 games already. And this is one of the reasons why spadegaming is worthy of being involved in any discussion regarding online casino game providers.

History of Spadegaming

Many times history can mean more prestige to a thing. And spadegaming’s age in the online slot gaming industry tells how grounded they are at what they know how to do best—make sultry games for your gambling and entertainment needs.

Spadegaming started in 2007 in Asia. Talking about Asia, this region is Spadegaming’s mainstay, and the games they make, they streamlined them to suit an Asian audience more. This slot game provider is trusted, having a license by Malta Gaming Authority MGA.

Despite sticking with producing games for Asia alone in the past the Philippine headquartered game provider is looking to cast their nets farther in the ocean of slot gaming. Don’t be surprised that they soon start to serve American and European audiences. It’s not certain but there’s a big chance that they are doing something in Malta so that they can serve games to Europe.

Tips on How to Play Spadegaming Slots

Like many game providers, Spadegaming has a website dedicated to giving a peek into their awesome game productions. You can try all their new games on the website. The website’s interface is quite interesting to view and easy to navigate. You won’t find it hard to find the games that you would love to try. Usually, the first thing that would greet you is their latest release.

You can choose to play the game immediately or learn more about it. Aside from the latest releases, you can navigate other games by scrolling down. The games are available in many languages, so, not being Asian isn’t a barrier against checking out spadegamings games. When it comes to digital stuff like this, platforms do prove to be a challenge.

However, you can play spadegaming games on all major platforms; Android, Windows, Apple, and Web browsers.

But Spadegaming is not relying on providing slot games alone. The innovative game providers are also into providing another popular and big aspect of gambling which is sports betting. This isn’t much of a surprise since bet on tennis, football, virtual sports, or American football, these are some of the aspects of sports betting that the game provider is already involved in.

Language Support

Many online casino providers from Asia are either producing games in English or Chinese languages. The reason behind this sparse diversity is that their major audiences are either from Asia or Europe and rarely America. However, there are several languages spoken across Asia and Europe. This means that providing games in just English and Chinese is highly inadequate.

Despite heavily focusing on Asia, language is not going to be a major barrier with testing out spadegaming’s works at least. For instance, if you log onto their website to try the book of myth which is a game that promises that you will uncover thrilling mysteries, there are 9 languages available. They include Russian, English, Turkish, South Korean, Japanese, Polish, and Chinese.


If you visit all online casino malaysia, you won’t just find slot games alone. If that was the case online casinos would be a boring place to visit. On the contrary, you will find table games, arcade games, and live casino indulgences. What’s the point? Besides sports betting, when it comes to online casino games,  spadegaming isn’t limited to slots products alone.

You can enjoy vivid gameplay and attractive graphics with Spadegaming. The online casino game company puts much effort to ensure that the graphics are enticing enough for their players to make return trips. Indeed, spadegaming’s graphics are top-notch. The graphics match incredible sound effects that round up overall delightful gameplay.

Slot Games to play on the Spadegaming Platform

Great China Slots

There’s hardly any country that celebrates pandas as much as China. And they are not just any pandas; they are giant ones there. The game is set up in such a way that it copies that landscape of China. To play the game you need to match symbols on the reels. If you want to get paid, then, just make sure that there are at least three matching symbols on the reel.

You can even check the prizes available for you to win by pushing a button beneath the reels. Even if you don’t get a hang of the game on your first try, playing it a couple of times more can be helpful. Enjoy jackpots, multipliers, and free spins as you play. The black-white pandas will indeed endear you to play.

168 Fortunes

168 fortunes only have a few features that make it stand out from other slot games. The game reminisces the Orient with lots of red in its color theme. One of the things that makes the 168 fortunes unique is that the Symbols seem to pop out of the reels. The symbols are very bold and hard not to notice. Before you begin the game you can easily check the paytable.

This helps to know how to play to win and the prizes that are available for winning. It’s hard not to notice the Dragon serpent symbol as you spin the reels. You only need two Dragon serpents to qualify for a payout. There are other winning symbols too, you’ll notice that some are merely colored while others have gold symbols.

If you don’t have gold symbols then you need at least three matching symbols to win. The gold symbols mean that you’ll get more payout.

Alibaba Slot

The Alibaba Slot is based on an Arabian dreamy night of purple skies. The game interface is very attractive, yet the gameplay is simple and easy to understand.  Winning slot prizes in this game can be likened to acquiring the riches available in the Arab region. Spending lavishly on this game doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be getting a huge payout.

While you do not need lots of money to play, you wouldn’t be punished for staking low on the game. You need three matches to win in the Alibaba slot. However, if you get a full five matching, the payout increases significantly. If you do not have a fortune to place on slots, Alibaba is right for you.

Jungle King Slots

Different people with different fantasies. If the jungle is your fantasy, then, you’ll like the Jungle King Slots. The background image of the game which has trees and natural lightings gives the game a genuine jungle look. This game would remind you of movies like Tarzan and jungle book. The jungle king slot has 4 rows on its reel. Like in other slot games there is a possibility of matching 5 symbols on the reel. There are card playing symbols for matching: K, Q, J, 10, 9, and A. You stand a chance of chasing out between 40 to 100 coins.

There are special symbols that only need two matching reels from the left side. They are monkeys, watermelon, Explorer, black panther, Jane, and Tarzan Symbols.

Spartan Slot Machine

Roman and Greek tales are truly inspiring. And the tale of the Spartans is one that many people cannot easily forget. So don’t be surprised that this is a favorite of many. You cannot have watched a spartan inspired story and not want to try this game when you see it. This is a worthy trap for the lovers of anything Spartan.

The game needs you to charge at least 3 battle, ready Spartan warriors, to the front on a reel for a payout. And of course, they have to be adjacent to each other. Victorious warriors deserve bonuses and there are random jackpots available based on luck as you play. Keep playing and get rewarded with 2x, and 10x multipliers along the battlefield.


With all of these, Spadegaming is no doubt a seasoned online casino game provider. Their games have a smooth interface and the graphics are brightly colored with vivid characters. Spadegaming is also very innovative about the kind of games that they put out. Online casinos and Sportsbooks are indeed delighted with the game provider’s input.  One thing that puts many game companies ahead is the zeal to do more and spadegaming is proving that they want more without any doubts. The provision of their gaming services in sports booking is one of such several attempts. If they keep up the zeal. They would soon be competing with casino game providers who are pushing their market in Europe and America.