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Casino: Keep Your Manners Up

28 Jul 2022

Casino: Keep Your Manners Up

Keep Your Manners Up

It matters how we behave with other casino goers.

The right way to interact with others, our culture, that of others, and simply the dos and don'ts of this or that situation are challenges we face in almost every aspect of life.
It would be improper, for instance, to break someone else's fingers in order to obtain a firm hold on an instrument if they were holding onto the overhead strap on the train in order to prevent falling. It is inappropriate to reach into a popcorn bucket, rummage around, and take a handful of the popcorn from a stranger who is enjoying popcorn next to you at a movie.
Your habits of conduct in the casinos are the same. While not regulations, there are some etiquette that should be followed in the temples of Dame Fortune even though they are not rules.

The Rules

There is a specific way to play every game. It will be played uniformly by all dealers at that game, and the player is expected to adhere to the rules.
Before placing additional bets in the roulette game, all wagers must first be accepted, followed by payouts to the winners. When placing their wagers, players are not permitted to move the chips of other players.
When playing craps, you must wait until the dice are in the center of the table before placing your bets. Some players frequently break this rule by randomly placing bets without understanding that when the shooter holds the dice, nothing else is to happen than his firing. The players can place some bets themselves, whereas the dealer must receive other bets in order to place them.
Players are not permitted to touch the cards when playing blackjack, which deals cards face up from a shoe. With the exception of the player supplying more chips for double downs and splits, everything is handled by the dealer. When a player is permitted to hold their cards, they may only do it with one hand, and they may not remove the cards from the playing area of the table.
There are many more regulations, but you get the idea—you must play the games in Lady Luck's house according to her rules.


The Ways to Act and Play in a Casino

Other players are the biggest issue in the casino (can you guess what it is?). The second largest issue is those who act foolishly or stupidly when they aren't playing. In the realm of casinos, avoid the following behaviors:


Do Not Ask, Do Not Disclose

So how are you doing today? may be asked by a complete stranger as you enter an elevator, leave a table, or exit a slot machine. This is the equivalent of asking a stranger how much money they make at their profession. All around bad manners. You can smile and engage in polite conversation, but avoid talking about your successes and defeats.
Say "Haven't played today" if someone inquires about your well-being. I lost a little, you could say. I don't talk about my successes or losses, you can say. Say, "I won enough to buy an island," instead.
The implication of this is to never approach a stranger and boast about how much money you recently won or how much money you have saved up for your vacation. Particularly if they have lately experienced a string of bad luck, they don't want to hear it. Small chat is OK if the other person initiates it; if not, maintain a friendly demeanor but keep quiet.


Quit complaining

no one likes to lose. Neither do you nor I, for that matter. Nevertheless, there are times when you feel as like you are being dealt a blow, and you want to sulk about how unjust everything is like a two-year-old. Not at all, I beg you. Your financial difficulties or accomplishments are not caused by other players. They are focused on their own wagers. If you have a volatile temper, you might want to think about a hobby that won't aggravate other people.


Don't Get Drunk "If"

If you appreciate the buzz that drinking causes, then by all means, drink away. You can drink since you are an adult. But if you're the kind of person who becomes wasted and starts acting rudely or sarcastically toward other players or casino staff, or if you start thinking of yourself as a stand-up comedian who is amusing everyone at the table or the slot machines nearby, then please stop and desist.
Don't drink in public if you're a nasty drunk. Why should they have to put up with the irritability of others? Comics who are too in love should reserve their jokes for their bathroom mirrors or Thanksgiving dinner with their family.


Keep Your Hands to Yourself

It's fun to applaud at some games, like craps, but other individuals don't like getting their backs rubbed or banged by strangers. "Hooray!" is acceptable, but having my fists pound into your back till your heart leaps out of your chest is not.


Be Pleasant to the Staff

Neither the cards you obtain nor whether you are having a good or unpleasant time are the dealer's concerns. The cocktail server is in a similar situation. It is much simpler for you and everyone else to play at the casino if you treat people the way you would like to be treated.

In and out of the casinos, best wishes!

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