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Do Not Give In To The Hype

26 Aug 2022

Do Not Give In To The Hype


It's probably true when a "winning system" sounds too wonderful to be true.

You may hear from some self-described casino experts about "betting techniques" that can help you beat the house. The Martingale method, which has been around for many years and is one of the most notorious ones, is notorious for crushing many players who were foolish enough to bet their money on it.

The Martingale method's basic premise is that you place a wager and double it if you lose. If you lose once more, your bet is doubled. This is how you continue to wager until you win a hand. Then you go back to your initial wager and start over.

Some players initially have success using this strategy and begin to believe that it's a definite method to win (or to at least get even every time they lose a few hands). However, this approach always ends with giving them the boot.

The issue with the Martingale (and other comparable betting progressions) is that the outcomes can be terrible when you go on an extended losing run, which happens to all of us occasionally. A losing streak might carry on for a very long time. When you lose eight consecutive hands of blackjack or roulette spins while doubling your bets, your whole bankroll might be quickly depleted.

Consider placing a $5 wager when you sit down at a blackjack table. Following the Martingale method, you place a $10 wager after you lose. Your next wager is $20 if you lose once more. After that, $40, and so on, until you've dropped seven straight hands. Your subsequent wager must be $640 at this point, leaving you $1,275 in the red. If you win this $640 wager, you will still be out $635, thus you must return to your first $5 wager. When you experience a prolonged losing run, you realize how disastrous this tactic is. Additionally, there's a considerable probability that you wouldn't even be permitted to place that $640 bet because many $5 tables have a $500 maximum.)

Other Martingale proponents utilize it at the roulette wheel to place bets on either black or red. This is equally foolish. And since most roulette wheels have display boards attached to them that show the outcomes of the 20 preceding spins, you can see how feasible it is to lose repeatedly by using a roulette wheel. Find out for yourself how many times either black or red can appear consecutively. By applying the Martingale strategy, your initial $5 wager would now require a wager of $327,680 if you were to pick the incorrect color 17 times in a row, which is not unheard of.

There are numerous betting "systems," with the Martingale being the most popular. All of them should be treated with caution. The so-called systems that use slot machines are the most ridiculous. These techniques, which are essentially scams, are periodically offered in the back pages of gambling magazines or marketed online, with the promise of teaching you how to spot the machines that are about to pay out.

All of it is foolishness. No machine is ever "due" to pay out a jackpot, even if it hasn't produced one in weeks, as we've previously stated. Each spin is a fully distinct, random occurrence that is decided by a computer chip within each machine known as the Random Number Generator (or "RNG").

Does getting "heads" the first time you flip a coin increase the likelihood of getting "tails" the second time? Obviously not. The operation of slot machines' computer chips follows the same general idea.

The likelihood that the subsequent spin will result in a win is precisely the same as it would be after 1,000 unsuccessful spins. The chances of a machine giving up a jackpot again on the very next spin are also the same.

Many players continue to hold the opposite belief despite this. They will ask the slot machine attendants which machines are hot, cold, or about to pay out a jackpot before they sit down to play. In return for this "inside knowledge," they will offer suggestions. Although the wait staff appreciates the tip, they are not any more aware of this than you are.

One more thing about betting strategies: if there was ever a surefire strategy to win money, you can bet the casinos would figure out how to beat it as soon as they learned about it. Play wisely, enjoy yourself, but avoid looking for a "magic solution" because there isn't one and you'll likely wind up spending more money as a result.


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