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Internet Casino Play vs Real Casino Play

29 Jun 2022

Internet Casino Play vs Real Casino Play

The pros and cons of playing on the internet rather than in person

Slot players are playing more frequently via the Internet than they ever have before. The (hopefully coming to an end) outbreak of the virus caused many casinos to shut down and gamers who enjoy taking their chance on slot machines in the face of Lady Luck had nowhere to turn but their own computer.

The Internet is home to hundreds of casinos that offer hundreds of slot games. Some of the same kinds of games you can find in real casinos. Was it just as enjoyable playing online as it is in a real casino? What are the main differences between this type of play?

I directly contacted people who are avid players of Internet games to hear their opinions.


"I enjoy playing the slot machines and used to visit the casinos twice a week to enjoy my daily dose. I'm located near Atlantic City so going to casinos isn't a huge thing. Enjoy a night out and have fun.

"It took me about a month before I thought to myself, "Why not give Internet games a go which I did. I opened some wine and set out to play.

"I looked through the games to determine which ones I was interested in and also decided I'd give the whole new ones a try. The majority of the games were not ones that you'd be able to find in casinos but , hey! Have a try.

"I immediately realized how I had actually been playing more hours at Casinos than I do playing on the Internet. This was also the case in many ways because I was playing every day! Overall, I bet much more over the period of a month at my house than at the casinos.

"Was it amusement? Yes, but at the same time, I had to control myself because I was risking in danger of losing too much. That's hard-earned money! I then gave myself two hours each week to play, and that was a good enough amount. I am satisfied with my dedication to.

"Is the Internet equally enjoyable? It is true that you can play every game you like, but there's no real casino experience. My house smells just like my home, but it does not smell like the casino. The sounds of casinos, the other players playing, the screams of happiness and the cries "I nearly had a huge one' can't be heard in your home by anyone else than you speaking it. But I am cheering when I win a big winnings.

"I am missing going to restaurants with my friends as well as family. I am a sucker for the shows. I'm a bit sad about the walks along the Boardwalk. I can't do anything like those in my home.

"No it's not true, the authentic casino experience is more enjoyable, however online games on the Internet are equally excellent and some are even better. It's an opinion-based thing and not really a matter of fact? I'm a casino player, however I am also a person who loves the atmosphere of a casino."



"I am in love with playing games online. It really is that simple. I first started playing a month after all the casinos shut down. Although the casinos I gamble in are open for some time, before I had to wear an eye mask. I'm not comfortable wearing masks. I received the vaccination at the time I was able!

"I determined that if I could not play in the way I would like to then I'd do it at my home. I make myself a couple beers and then I lay back and. I select the games that I'd like to play, and play at the speed that I like, which is rapid.

"But I'm not stupid. I use a smaller denomination machine to ensure that I do not risk too much in one play, but I do play on a regular basis which means my loss is around the same as the ones I have. Of course, playing at night has brought me many thrills. It's easier to hit due to the fact that you're playing harder!

"I will now visit casinos that are regular because there is no way to replace the feeling they create within these casinos. Home is , after all, home. It's the distinction between watching a movie in 70mm and watching it at home on the television. The experience is completely different.

"Also when I go to the casino I consume great mixed drinks but not beers. I'm not sure if it is me or not, but my scores seem to be better as well. Perhaps the casinos are really trying to lure us back. I'm not sure if other players are having the same problem.

"However I must confess to make. I do play Internet games. Yes, I do. I am a huge fan of slot machines. It was my habit to enjoy tables, but now I am getting more enjoyment playing machines. What do I do? I earn money and I'd like to spend it in the way I would like to spend it. I'd like to spend it on slots."

Two voices that have played in and out of casinos!

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