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LESSONS LEARNED: Casino players share their mistakes to help others

13 Jul 2022

LESSONS LEARNED: Casino players share their mistakes to help others

Casino players share their mistakes to help others

Everyone has a moment of learning. We're not engrossed in the rules and regulations of playing games in casinos. We're learning.

As we learn and learning, we make mistakes. A lot of them. There are some that are worse than the others however making mistakes is part of the process of learning.

Readers have shared their experiences for others to take away.



I'd played slot machines for a while and I was accustomed to casinos, however, I had never been to a table.

I was intrigued. So I stopped to watch the table of craps for a bit. There were just four players and one player called out, "Come join us. We're not gonna take a bite."

I told him I didn't know where to start and he told me they'd help me.

Perhaps because it was slow and the dealers were accommodating. They allowed me to walk right onto the table and not making a bet at all. The person who called me out bet on pass and was placing place bets on the numbers 6 and 8. I'm aware of that. I wasn't aware of what they were back then.

I stayed on the edge for long enough to watch an unsuccessful pass bet and another that won. Then I declared that I was prepared. I bought the ticket and placed bets on the pass. The winning number came out to be 8 and I bet the number 6. I was able to win the six twice, and then was able to win an award. It was a great start!

Then it was unpredictable however I was feeling a bit smug when the stickman suddenly rolled the dice on me. My teacher asked, "Are you ready for this?" I said, "I believe I am."

I chose two dice and, with cash on my pass line I said to myself "You must smash the wall behind you. You must smash the wall behind you."

I didn't strike the wall behind me. I did not hit anything, except one table. A lot of adrenaline. Another player commented, "The lady doesn't know her own power."

I was really shocked and red. I'm not sure about beet red. I'm not convinced that beets are like my facial red. However, I persevered and kept the rolling on my table. I actually earned some points and also won a few places, and everyone got paid on my roll.

It was sufficient, however. After I had spelled out my seven I told my teacher, "Thanks guys, but it's enough to cover one lecture." A vendor said, "She'll be back," and my teacher said, "Anytime, ma'am."

They were right, I was back, and craps is one of my favorite games. However, that first time was an experience.



My first visit to casinos was during the bachelor party. We had a blast by having a semi-private space at the steakhouse that was fancy. We enjoyed dinner with drinks, and lots of roasting for the groom.

We bet before and after dinner. I'd never played any games prior to the dinner. I thought I'd play slot machines and get away from those who knew the game they were playing. They didn't seem to be taking any notice of me.

"We're playing group and we're playing blackjack," one dude told me. "It's easy. It's easy to learn."

The values of the cards face value, with faces being 10 and Aces being 1, and 11, seemed simple enough. If the goal was to beat the dealer and not going over 21, seemed simple enough.

What to do was not straightforward. I was unsure of what to do when I had to stand or hit. The $100 I was losing before I realized the reason behind it.

I'd win 14 and sit down without even looking at my dealer's cards. Everyone around me groaned. The next time I hit 14 I hit. There must be something else going on since the table groomed once more. A voice was astonished: "You've really never done this before, hasn't you?"

After a few minutes I was able to get an Ace and a 5. At this point, they had been able to get me to look at the dealer's card. It was an a6, which is why I asked to sit on the 16. It was more shouting rather than groaning and I was given an enlightening lecture about the distinction between soft and hard hands, no matter what they're.

The dealer was able to alter my game so that the table would be happy however I was not happy in the least. The guy who demanded I play said "You're right. You're definitely not suited for the slot machines." Then I got ejected. There were a few players who came along later however, it was clear enough for me to know that blackjack and I were not meant to be in a relationship. I've not played since then.



My dad's old books on blackjack. I was able to memorize them both forwards and backwards. I knew the games to make , and I knew when to play these plays. I was familiar with counting cards, and I was aware of when to raise and decrease my wagers.

What I was not aware of was the truth behind blackjack in the casino. My dad's books were outdated as I said and they were all talking of blackjack like dealt out of a single deck. This was long before the advent of the internet, and there was no doing online practice or even researching casino rules and regulations. The only thing I practiced was to deal only a single deck of cards to myself.

I arrived at the casino and noticed that every table had six decks of cards shuffled together.

I approached a dealer to inquire about which one-deck games they had available, and he replied that they weren't available. After that, I said, "How do you expect me to count the six decks?"

I was sure I'd sinned when I made it. The dealer shouted at an employee, "Hey, this guy is interested in knowing what we're expecting him to do when asked to count the decks of six."

The supervisor came over then said,"We do not."

I left in a walk of shame. I'm not sure how I did this, no matter how amazed I was at the absence of single-decker games.



There are many strange events that occur at craps - the dice falling into drinks or the player trying to bet with his false teeth, all that fun you've are able to read about in your books.

I've never had something like that happen to me and I've played for a long time. However, I had an event that was completely scary.

It was the older man sitting at the table. He seemed like a vintage relic from Woodstock. Hairy and gray blue jeans, sandalsand a tie-dyed shirt. When he was able to roll the number, he informed everybody, "I need positive energy. Everyone should be focused upon the number."

We all sort of stared to each other and one man finally said "six!" The shooter told the shooter, "All right. Everybody tells themselves mentally six, six, 6"

He takes a shot and, it happens that the dice land on 6.

Shooter was asked "Point immediately or another number?" And the first man replied, "six!" This time you could hear people talking in their mouths, "six, six, six."

Six times more!

Someone else mentioned, "eight this time," everyone was focused on eight, however when the roll came out, it ended up being with nine. Shooter stated, "Not strong enough. Concentrate." The crowd cheered "nine," but he made an eight.

It was evident that this was not going to be a success all the time. However, we tried to be nice to him. He said, "Let's do nine. Really, really, really concentrate," and whether people focused on their work and not scored the winner with a nine.

Comeout, everyone chanted the number six and he then played six. He then got his eight, where others had come and places, and then a winning six for his points. In all the time, the people changed the number he was playing for.

He was only able to make one final point before he was seven out, but as long as it was on it was strange, and also enjoyable and definitely unique.


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