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02 Sep 2022



Disastrous plays lead to bad moments

The majority of table games go smoothly most of the time, and players rarely have anything to complain about outside possible bad luck. Most players like their time at the casino most of the time, and when they are lucky, it can be a lot of fun.

Since they keep the house edge at the games they play lower than worse players, or because they make fewer decisions, smart players eventually experience less "bad luck" than poor players. For casino games, it is common sense that making more decisions is bad and making fewer decisions is advantageous. High house edges are harmful, whereas low house edges are beneficial.

Even so, there are times when things don't go smoothly, either as a result of blunders made by players or errors made by other players in how they approach the games. Here are several irritants.


If you play blackjack, you've definitely encountered this individual more than once. He or she is the loud mouth that wants to instruct everyone on how to play their hands or who wants to criticize how the other players just handled their cards, which ends up costing Mr. or Mrs. Big Mouth the game.

The Big Mouths can turn a fun game of blackjack into a nightmare on every hand. For the people the Big Mouth terrorizes, that is undoubtedly not enjoyable.

It's interesting to note that the Big Mouth frequently plays many hands incorrectly and also adheres to some of the ridiculous superstitions of the game, such as the belief that even after a complete shuffling, third base determines which card the dealer will receive.

I have occasionally requested Big Mouths to inform the entire table of the dealer's upcoming card so that we can all make informed decisions. No Big Mouth can genuinely achieve it, and when they are challenged like way, they usually keep quiet.


Using the fundamental strategy, a computer-derived approach for playing each player's hand against the dealer's up card, is the right way to play blackjack. The house edge will remain minimal thanks to this tactic, at about 0.5 percent (give or take).

Second, given that they can play more than 100 hands every hour, blackjack gamers who want to play head-to-head against the dealer are asking for trouble. It's not a nice thing. In a game with a low house edge, many choices can nonetheless be detrimental. Players using the basic strategy should aim to play at full or nearly full tables in order to drastically minimize the amount of hands they play.


Some casino gamers may believe they are the next Bill Burr, Jim Gaffigan, Dave Chappelle, or any other renowned comic, but this is not always the case. Okay, that's fine; amuse your irritated pals with your inebriated anecdotes and observations, but kindly spare the rest of us who are seated at the same tables as you.

Alcoholics believe they are humorous. Drunk people who aren't funny think they're hysterically funny. People who are completely intoxicated think they are comedy geniuses. Privately, fine; at a table game with the rest of us? Please depart! Nothing ruins a good time like a drunk person who refuses to get off the stage and thinks he's amusing.


One of the most unpleasant things in roulette is when someone repeatedly knocks over another player's stack of chips on a particular number. Some roulette players act aggressively because they believe they are the only ones at the table, which frequently leads to mayhem at a full table. Slow down; the dealer will give everyone adequate time to place bets. Not a race, is roulette.

When the shooter is preparing to roll those bones in a game of craps, there are some naive players who place bets on the layout (dice).

This is a grave breach of decorum and may sometimes enrage other craps players to the hilt. The opportunity to bet ends once the shooter has the dice in their possession. Additionally, avoid hanging your hands over the railing.

There are many superstitious players in baccarat who occasionally raise a fuss if they believe you are winning and that they are losing as a result. Due of these superstitious gamblers, many baccarat tables do not have the number 4 spot indicated on the layout. One time a woman who was losing and I was winning walked around a table and yelled at her.

I think that is ridiculous right now. Such superstitious individuals can utterly sour an enjoyable game for the other players. Keep your crazy thoughts to yourself, please, to all of them. The rest of us don’t want to be involved.

Okay, there can occasionally be bad things that happen at the table games. But bear in mind that you are not chained to a casino chair. You can always switch to a different table or casino.

Best wishes both inside and outside the casinos!


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