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The real truth about betting systems

16 Jul 2022

The real truth about betting systems

The real truth about betting systems


There are a variety of systems used by gamblers using casinos to extract cash from the house. Certain of them like the Martingale are known for their long-standing history and others were created by mathematicians like Blaise Pascal.

Players have utilized these techniques throughout history and still use the techniques in the present. Books are written in their defense too.

Do they give players an edge on the opponent? No.

While the systems allow players to perform in a consistent method, they don't permit players to flourish with time. All of them are losing opportunities at the end of the day, and sometimes at the beginning and in the middle of the game, too.

One of the most sought-after ways to play is called "trend betting" this means that the participant is following some sort of trend that guides the strategy he uses to bet.

When playing craps or roulette, there is a tendency that could be particular numbers or sets of numbers emerging; for blackjack, it may be a string of losses or wins which determines the best way to bet the next hand. A similar series could be seen at all games and could be termed trends.

There are two kinds of trend betting: the player can place bets on the trend or could bet against it.

Pro-Trend Betting

You're playing roulette and you see that the black color is appearing thirteen times in the course of just 20 bets. You conclude that the black color has become "hot" and is likely to remain hot. Therefore, you place your bet on black on the next couple of spins hoping to see it come back and perhaps once more (and again! ).

Does this happen? Sometimes it can. Sometimes it won't, at least not enough often enough that you cannot put their faith in pro-trend betting to give you an edge in the game.

What is the reason? If you bet with black, the players are likely to be able to win 18 times and lose 20 times, as they lose on "red" being hit , and losing on number 0 or 00 hitting. The odds are in favor of the streak not lasting.

This is also true for losing or winning streaks at every game. The payout structure favors casinos since casinos aren't able to pay out the full worth of a bet that is successful. The win-loss ratio can also benefit the casino. For instance, in craps it is the Pass Line bet wins 251 times for the casino, and 244 times for the player.

Pro-trenders need to fight against reality. This battle can end up in losses. Therefore, those who bet on trends are requesting an ultimate loss.

Trend-Suppressing Bettors

If pro-trending bets are the ultimate losers, shouldn't those bets that are anti-trending also be winners? Sadly, no. This logic may sound logical, however, once again it is the case that the casino has profits stacked in their favor.

Let's say that three pockets of red are appearing in a row on roulette. Instead of betting on the possibility that a third red pocket will be revealed the player is betting on the other side by placing a bet of black. Wouldn't that be a great idea? Sometimes it does but sometimes it won't but sometimes it occur more often than the other times that it will.

This is the reason: There are 18 ways to win when black hits. However, you have 18 options to lose if the red pocket hits. Yes, there's an even draw, but you still lose even if zero or 00 hit. So, you've got 18 ways to win , and the possibility of 20 losing.

Please note that I'm using the American double-zero wheel with 0,00, and 0 for these examples. On the European single-zero wheel, there's only one zero, so the casino will win 19 times in the bets above, while the player wins 18 times. It is worth noting that the American wheel has an 5.26 per cent house edge however, it's European wheel has an edge on house bets that is 2.7 percent. ]

When playing games like craps, you are faced with the same problem, no regardless of how you bet or whether you bet against the perceived streak, or in opposition to the apparent streak. The house holds an advantage over you. Even if you wish that it wasn't the case but you cannot escape the fact.

Trend Betting: Is it good or bad? It's bad. Do not leave yet.

Every betting system is bad. There is no method to manipulate your money to gain an advantage over the house, consequently, in the good or bad case every betting system is inherently bad.

This doesn't mean that all of them are on the same quality as the other. If you took on the roulette table waiting for a streak that spanned two or three identical occasions before placing bets on or against streak and you didn't bet on a lot of spins is an advantage.

The player has the option of using an option in the most liberal or conservative method that they prefer. Since we aren't able to alter the nature of the game however, we have the option of deciding the amount of money or time we play. If you wager the minimum table bet and you are able to take part in the game however you like.

Best of luck in casino and outside!


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